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9 Ways to Thank Your Twitch Viewers and Supporters

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Showing gratitude to your viewers is a great way to interact with them. People like to know that they are appreciated for supporting your stream, either through viewership or financially. In this post, we will cover nine different ways that you can thank your viewers and supporters for their efforts in building your channel.

How to Thank Followers on Twitch

Try to find fun and unique ways to thank the viewers on your channel. People will appreciate you going the extra mile and a few may even support you more.

The following is nine different ways you can thank your followers and subscribers:

  1. Set Up Stream Alerts

    Another easy way to thank people is by getting a stream alert system for your channel. After set-up, when someone supports your channel, an alert will appear on your screen to let you (and the other viewers know) that someone has endorsed your channel. This can often lead to a string of support as other people follow, subscribe, or donate. 

    There are many free templates available for you to use as you start. We do recommend that you customize your stream alerts to your brand when you can.

    Add Thank You Commands to Your Chat

    To go a step further, you can create a command to thank your followers in your chat. While there isn’t always a way to do this automatically, you (or one of your mods) can send the command on Nightbot, Streamlabs, or any other chatbot to generate a thank you command for following.

  2. Unique Discord Channels

    One common perk is to have specific channels within a Discord server set aside for subscribers. If you like your Discord and Twitch accounts, the process is automated to where active subscribers will be added (or removed) from their respective channels. You can set up one or multiple channels in this method.

    You should also have open channels for all of your viewers. Let them communicate together and grow your community. Anyone who is actively working on your behalf to support you (whether monetarily or not) should be thanked and valued.

  3. Giveaways and Other Perks

    Even before you make any extra money from streaming, consider giving back to your active supporters. Give out game codes or a more substantial prize if you can afford it. Even little giveaways can show your viewers that you support them and want to give back to them for their support. 

  4. Sub Nights

    Set aside special days to play games or hang out with your subscribers. Start by playing with your followers on select days, and as you grow and gain more subscribers, change your rules to play with them. If you have “too many” subscribers who want to play with you, use a lottery system to select those who will get to play with you in the next round. Limit winners to once per day if necessary. 

  5. Mod Promotion

    When you find an active, loyal supporter, who goes the extra mile to make your channel a great place to be, consider promoting them to be one of your mods. While this is an additional job for your viewer, it is also an excellent way for you to show them that you value their contribution to your community. Periodically give your mods exclusive perks that aren’t available to other viewers and make sure to stand behind them and support them as they help you. 

  6. Special Servers or Guilds

    Host a special server for your followers. Many games let people join together to serve a common purpose. If you are streaming an MMO or in a sandbox world, consider letting your viewers join you. It will keep your community active and loyal, and it will show them that you appreciate their support. 

  7. Leaderboards in Your Profile

    Add a widget to your profile that adds the names of your top supporters. Many of them will sort them by week, month, and all-time statuses. 

    You can also type in the names of individual supporters who have donated to you or have helped you in another way. If someone helped you with your graphics, add a link to their portfolio so your viewers can look at their other creations. 

    If you have specific financial goals for stream-related items, thank those that help you make your channel a better place. Make gratitude the critical focus of your profile, and people will be more likely to donate and support you.

  8. Roll the Credits

    Create an “end roll” to play at the end of your stream. List the names of your moderators and other people who continually support your steam over time. Not only will this give them a special place in your stream, but it is also a fun and professional way to celebrate your community. 

  9. Verbally Thanking Them

    One of the easiest things you can do is verbally thank them for their support. When someone follows, subscribes, or donates, take the time to call them out by name. If you are busy focusing on a part of your content, wait until the first available moment, then call them out. 

    Let them know that you really value their support and ask them to give you feedback. People love to be included in a project and the more invested they feel in your growth, the more they are likely to support you.


Thanking your viewers is an essential part of your stream. People will not stay in places where they don’t think they are appreciated. Regardless of your size or content, find some way to show them that you value them.

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