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Best Cross-Platform Games

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People around the world have been connected through the world of gaming. Crossplay games allow friends to play together even if they don’t use the same type of device.

Cross-platform games can be played across multiple hardware, giving you more options on how to play together.

So, what are the top cross-platform games perfect for you and your friends? Keep reading to find out!

What is a Cross-Platform Game?

A cross-platform or crossplay game is a video game that can be played with others even if each user is using different hardware. This means that a player using a PC can potentially play with a friend who is using an Xbox. These include being played across computers, platforms, and mobile devices.

Cross-Platform vs. Cross play

Some may be confused about the difference between cross-platform gaming and cross play. Others even interchange these terms, and that adds to the overall confusion.

To explain, cross-platform games have been released on different platforms. For example, a game is released and is available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch users. That means it’s a cross-platform game.

On the other hand, games support crossplay when multiple players playing from different devices can play together. For example, you and your friend are playing a game, but you’re playing from a PC while they’re playing from a console. This means the game supports cross-play.

Should You Stream Crossplay Games?

Cross-platform games can be some of the best games to stream on Twitch. As a streamer, consider playing games with your viewer base. A lot of viewers may only have one or a few games on a single platform. Playing with viewers will bring you and your viewers a better experience/content. 

Cross-Platform Games

We’ve listed the most popular multiplayer games you can play on different platforms. Have an awesome time playing these cross-platform games with your friends and family.

  1. Brawlhalla


    Brawlhalla has become a fan-favorite when it comes to cross-platform games. It’s a free-to-play video game that can be played on the following devices: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS & Android mobile devices.

    This multiplayer game allows up to 8 online players. You’ll be battling the best of the best warriors of all time in this game. Brawlhalla offers multiple game modes, such as ranked, free for all, and private room matches.

  2. Call of Duty

    Call of Duty

    Call of Duty is arguably the best cross-platform game today. COD is an exciting and engaging first-person shooter video game. COD will challenge your shooting and tactical skills while giving you immersive, visually stunning graphics.

    Since 2003, Call of Duty has released a series of this game. All of these are available on multiple platforms. The latest edition is called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. It is available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC players.

  3. Dauntless


    Dauntless is one of the free cross-platform games most friend groups enjoy playing. It’s a role-playing, free-to-play video game set in a broken world where Behemoths feed on the remaining humans alive. This action game requires you to be a Slayer that hunts those nightmarish monsters.

    Fun fact, while Epic Games published this game, it was developed by Phoenix Labs. Now, if you have a PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch, you can participate in the action-packed world of Dauntless.

  4. Fantasy Strike

    Fantasy Strike

    Fantasy Strike has a variety of characters and weapons you can use to defeat your opponent. You can choose to fight as a human or even a dragon and use extraordinary weapons such as fire, ghosts, and time! It’s an amazing fantasy-fighting game for novice and professional players.

    Challenge your friends and family to an all-out Fantasy Strike battle. Enjoy the visually pleasing graphics and easy to maneuver characters today!

  5. Fortnite


    Fortnite has risen to fame in the past years. It’s actually one of the battle royale games that’s available on major platforms today. PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players will have a great time trying to survive and ultimately win in Fortnite’s battle royale matches.

    But apart from being a battle royale game, Fortnite has two other game modes. There’s Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Creative. Fortnite: Save the World is a co-op game where a team of 4 must accomplish a variety of missions. On the other hand, Fortnite Creative is a Sandbox version of the game.

    Feel free to choose which gameplay you and your friends would enjoy the most. So, what are you waiting for? Ask your friend to play online today!

  6. Minecraft


    Minecraft is one of the big cross-platform games played by millions of people around the world. This sandbox game allows players to build and create almost anything. It’s a solid game for creative people who want to make things from the different blocks available in Minecraft.

    It’s a super chill and fun cross-platform game you and your friends can exist in. This is one of the best leisure games since you are free to do as you please and don’t have missions or tasks to accomplish.

  7. Need for Speed: Heat

    NFS Heat

    Are you a fan of cars and racing? What better cross-platform game to play than Need For Speed: Heat?

    NFS Heat gives its players the best and most vibrant visuals when it comes to racing video games. If you’ve played previous games of NFS, you’d know this is all about street racing. NFS Heat lets you participate in various street races while you upgrade your ride.

    Plus, games like NFS Heat support cross-play, so multiplayer gaming on different platforms is possible. You can play this game on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It’s also available for PC players too.

  8. Paladins: Champion of the Realm


    Paladins: Champions of the Realm is another shooting video game. Here, you get to choose heroes as your characters. It’s a free-to-play online game available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

    Paladins has 3 game modes: Siege, Team Deathmatch, and Onslaughter. All of which is a 5v5 match. As a team, you must defeat your opponents and accomplish objectives. This first-person shooter game is perfect, especially for those who are fans of SMITE.

  9. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

    Power Rangers

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is one of the games that support cross-platform play. PC and console gamers can play with one another with ease. Fight your enemies as a team using the combination of your different skills to your advantage.

    In addition, you can choose to play the following game modes: Arcade, Versus, Casual Online, and Ranked Online matches. You’ll also have Training and Tutorial modes to familiarize yourself with the various abilities of your character and ultimately improve.

  10. Realm Royale

    Realm Royale Reforged

    Realm Royale is a battle royale game that tests your wits and abilities as a gamer. This third-person shooting video game lets you choose a character from these four classes: Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, and Mage.

    Each of these has its own set of skills and abilities. Be the last man or last team standing and ultimately become battle royale champions.

  11. Roblox


    Roblox is an amazing cross-platform game that allows players to participate and create games within the game’s platform. It’s mainly a user-generated video game where “experiences” can be made.

    In these experiences, you can talk to fellow players, play games, and even buy-and-sell Robux. It’s a creative gaming platform that will never bored you or your friends.

  12. Rocket League

    Rocket League

    Rocket League might just be the unique multiplayer video game on this list. This game combines your love for cars and soccer. Score goals as a team using your awesome sports vehicles. Plus, your ride is completely customizable. Get a chance to battle it out on the Rocket League field and score goals with your squad.

  13. SMITE


    Are you a fan of mythological gods and goddesses? SMITE’s in-game world allows you to become any mythological creature you wish to be. SMITE is another free-to-play multiplayer video game.

    As a player, you can choose characters from five main classes. You can choose from the following: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Hunter, and Guardian. In the battle arena, expect to fight the strongest gods fathomable.

  14. Super Mega Baseball 3

    Super Mega Baseball 3

    For all the baseball fans out there, you’ll love this multiplayer video game! Super Mega Baseball has been around for gamers to love since 2014. Today, Super Mega Baseball 3 offers its players a customizable baseball simulation game with stunning visuals and various multiplayer modes.

    Its latest version is available on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. You can also play this on other platforms like Nintendo Switch and Amazon Luna.

  15. War Thunder

    War Thunder

    War Thunder is one of the few cross-platform games that’s available on Linux. Apart from that, this video game is also available on Windows and macOS. Console gamers can also get this game for their PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

    War Thunder is a military game that lets you choose various vehicles to use. You can choose from land, air, and water combat vehicles. With these vehicles, you and your friends will combat other players in this free-to-play cross-platform game.

  16. World of Warships

    World of Warships

    Have you and your friends found naval warfare strategic and tactically driven? Well then, World of Warships might be for you! This cooperative free-to-play online multiplayer video game is available for Windows users. You can also play it on other platforms, such as PlayStation and Xbox.

    In this cross-platform game, you can participate in naval battles using 20th-century ships. Throughout the game, you can customize and upgrade these battleships according to your wants and needs. World of Warships is a thrilling game you and your friends will surely enjoy!

  17. World War Z: Aftermath

    World War Z

    Have you watched the zombie film World War Z? This video game is based on that very movie. World War Z is the second installation of this game. Millions of gamers have loved the original World War Z, and the gaming community is totally psyched about Aftermath!

    This is a zombie-shooting cooperative video game with full cross-platform support. Its multiplayer mode is completely compatible with PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. This is one of the best cross-play games you and your friend should not miss out on.

Platforms of Crossplay Games

Here is a list of some games that offer “true crossplay” with few issues other than creating an account. Details about how to connect with your friends are listed below the chart.

GamePCXbox OnePS4SwitchiOSAndroid
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareXXX
Call of Duty: WarzoneXXX
Dead by DaylightXXXX
Fantasy StrikeXXXX
Minecraft: Bedrock EditionXXXXXX
Need for Speed: HeatXXX
No Man's SkyXXX
Paladins: Champions of the RealmXXXX
Power Rangers: Battle for the GridXXXX
Realm RoyaleXXXX
Rocket LeagueXXXX
Super Mega Baseball 2XXXX
War ThunderXXX
World of Warships: LegendsXX
World War ZXX
  • Brawlhalla: Full crossplay default
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Requires Activision Account. To invite a friend, enter your friend’s Activision ID
  • Call of Duty: Warzone: Requires Activision Account. To invite a friend, enter your friend’s Activision ID
  • Dauntless: Requires an Epic account. It is crossplay by default. Dauntless also supports Cross save under the Gameplay tab.
  • Fantasy Strike: Full crossplay default
  • Fortnite: Requires an Epic account and links it to whatever platform (Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo, iOS/Android) you are playing. You must add your friends using your Epic account. Certain restrictions on matchmaking.
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition: Full Crossplay on all Bedrock Editions. Java editions are not able to play with Bedrock Edition.
  • Need for Speed: Heat: Crossplay enable/disable will appear on the screen when you first start the game. 
  • No Man’s Sky: Players can crossplay by adding their player’s code.
  • Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Full crossplay default
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid: Full crossplay default
  • Realm Royale: Full crossplay Default
  • Roblox: Need account creation
  • Rocket League: Default crossplay. No restrictions on matchmaking. To make sure crossplay, check under 1. Menu 2. Options 3. Gameplay 4. Cross-Platform Play.
  • Smite: Full crossplay default
  • Super Mega Baseball 2: Crossplay Pennant Race
  • War Thunder: Full crossplay default
  • World of Warships: Legends is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 but only Xbox One and PS4 can crossplay due to the PC version’s different contents and mechanics.
  • World War Z: Available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Currently, you can use only crossplay between PC and Xbox One. It is also limited because you can’t add friends from another platform. You must queue on the same matchmaking settings and pray to RNGjesus that you join the same game.


Playing crossplay games is an affordable way to connect with your friends, even over a distance. To grow on Twitch, you don’t have to play popular games like Rocket League or Final Fantasy.

Many streamers can also grow communities by playing cross-platform games or party games such as Fall Guys. Multiplayer gameplay allows people to enjoy spending time together and having fun.

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