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Best Horror Games To Stream

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Horror Video games are no stranger on any streaming platform, especially around Halloween. They have always been a fun and interesting way to engage with your audience – some creators will even add horror alerts and SFX as a way for you to try and make them jump, to add to the atmosphere!

Let’s take a look at some of the best horror games to stream on Twitch to increase growth and create horrifically fun content.

Top 15 Horror Games To Stream On Twitch

  1. Outlast


    Outlast is a first-person survival horror, and it is truly terrifying. In this first installment of the Outlast series – you’ll find yourself investigating the remote psychiatric hospital known as Mount Massive Asylum after receiving an anonymous email that inhuman experiments are being carried out at the asylum… they are not wrong.

    The game’s mechanics are very simple; walk, run, and hide. There is no button to attack, and you will have to search for batteries to put in your camcorder and progress through the game unless you like the darkness.

    Since its release in 2013, Outlast has found its presence on Twitch and is a great category for streamers of all sizes. You’ll for sure see growth while creating a purposely terrifying experience for your audience.

  2. Layers of Fear

    Layers of Fears

    Layers of Fears is a thrilling horror game that is better catered for adult gamers. According to its creators, it is a “psychedelic horror chronicle.” Similar to most horror games, this is played from a first-person perspective. This way, gamers feel fully immersed in the storyline and gaming experience.

    Layers of Fears is centered on uncovering the life stories of many obsessed artists while also adding to the entire storyline. You’ll be controlling an almost-insane painter that merely wants to finish his artwork called the Magnum Opus. You’ll stay with the artist as he spirals down his fears and hazy visions. It has a well-writing, mysterious plot that will most players on the edge of their seats.

  3. Phasmophobia


    Phasmophobia is arguably the best horror game today. What makes it even more popular is its multiplayer option which allows up to 4 gamers. This is a psychological horror game that can make your skin crawl. Plus, the Twitch community loves this game’s streams.

    In this game, you and your friends must collect proof of paranormal activity. You’ll have access to various tools you can use for ghost hunting. Be ready for jump scares as you play or stream Phasmophobia, one of the year’s scariest games.

  4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    Resident Evil

    Resident Evil has become so popular that it has been turned into one of the most highly-reviewed horror movies to this day. Since the initial release of the video game in 1996, both the sequel games and movies have risen to fame.

    In Resident Evil: Biohazard, your character will be Ethan Winters. The setting is a rundown farm. Here you’ll find yourself faced with myriad foes and even disease-stricken people in the area. Similar to the previous Resident Evil games, you’ll have to solve puzzles while trying to stay alive to progress in the game. The “Isolated View” definitely makes it worth playing and streaming this game.

  5. Dead by Daylight

    Dead by Daylight

    This is not the first time we’ve written about this title here on Stream Scheme, and that is honestly no surprise to me, considering its community and presence on Twitch. Dead by Daylight is a 4 vs. 1 survival release in 2016, but it remains one of the most sought-after categories for new and small streamers.

    The best thing about this title is you can pick it up with an Xbox Game Pass subscription making this a great game to play with your community. If you choose to do this, make sure to refine your search using the ‘Playing with Viewers’ tag!

  6. Silent Hill 2

    Silent Hill 2

    Silent Hill 2 is another psychological horror game that has been around for quite some time now. As James Sunderland, your main goal is to navigate through Silent Hill to look for your wife. It may sound easy, but you’ll face many obstacles throughout your journey. And have I mentioned that you’re looking for your dead wife?

    Compared to the original game, Silent Hill 2 is more slow-paced but still as impactful and as great as the first game. Plus, it’s the perfect game to play during the spooky season of Halloween.

  7. Alien: Isolation

    alien isolation

    Are you looking for a survival horror game? Alien: Isolation may be the perfect game for you to stream or play. This game will keep your senses heightened as you experience the fear and danger of losing your life.

    The main character of this single-player game is Amanda Ripley. You’ll be seeing the whole gameplay through her perspective. She’ll be exploring a space station to complete missions while trying desperately to stay alive. This is one of the most terrifying games to stream since you’ll never know what to expect.

  8. Little Nightmares

    Little Nightmares

    Do you want to rediscover your childhood fears? If so, then Little Nightmares I and II are for you. This game will introduce you to the dark world of Six and Mono. Both of their ventures will not be easy, especially for a small child like them.

    You’ll find yourself wrapped around the great story points and eccentric puzzles these characters will go through. And with every step of the way, you’ll find yourself discovering little nightmares with them.

  9. Dead Space

    Dead Space

    This is a great horror game for Sci-Fi fanatics. Dead Space is a great example of a survival horror game. This horror game combines thrilling, gorgeous visuals with the best audio cues and sound effects for a truly riveting and spine-tingling gaming experience.

    In Dead Space, your only option is to uncover the truth about the happenings on the USG Ishimura. But while doing so, you’ll have to fight and use your limited resources wisely to survive on this mysterious spaceship. Dead Space streams on Twitch are worth checking out.

  10. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

    Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

    Five Nights at Freddy’s is a classic horror game. This survival game is full of creaky doors and great sound design. Like its predecessors, the main character, Gregory, must navigate through the dark halls of the Mega Pizzaplex. This is an establishment owned by the infamous Freddy Fazbear.

    Gregory’s main objective is to stay alive until the sun rises again. During his overnight stay in the Pizzaples, he must learn about the evil happenings in the establishment. But unlike the game’s predecessors, Glamrock Freddy sides with Gregory to help him survive the night. This makes Security Breach a game unique from its previous versions.

  11. Until Dawn

    Until Dawn

    Much like Man of Medan, this is yet another interactive drama. This means decisions made by you in Until Dawn will alter the outcome of the story and the fates of its characters, making this another game great for letting chat essentially play along using polls.

    This decision-making game seems to have more of a presence on Twitch compared to the more recent Supermassive Games title making your potential reach even larger.

    The story is gripping and, in the right environment, will make both you and your community uneasy throughout the tale. You’ll find it easy to place high on the category page, making it easier to get noticed.

  12. The Evil Within 2

    The Evil Within 2

    Another must-play horror game is The Evil Within 2. Detective Sebastian Castellanos is the player you control in this game. With the recent passing of his daughter, a young girl named Lily, he chooses to venture into another world to save his daughter.

    With this, he finds himself in the world of Union where he is expected to complete missions to reach his end goal. How does he find his way out? You’ll have to play it or watch it on Twitch to find out.

  13. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    Amnesia dark descent

    This is another survival game that many horror fans love. Amnesia: The Dark Descent brings you into its world. With Daniel, the controlled character, you will discover every corner of Castle Brennenburg.

    Puzzle lovers will also appreciate this survival horror game. Your character will face challenging puzzles, but nothing you can’t handle. However, keeping your character’s sanity intact would be best. The darkness of the castle may be too much for him at times, so you’ll have to make the necessary adjustments. The dark makes it a scary game, but it adds to the overall thrill and excitement.

  14. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

    Little Hope

    The Dark Pictures Anthology’s Little Hope brings you interactive gameplay centered on the survival of a professor and a group of college students. The game is set in the abandoned town of the game’s namesake. You’ll need impressive decision-making skills to get through this game.

    And the best part about watching different streamers play this on Twitch is the possibility of several endings. Depending on the decisions made throughout the game, the game’s ending may not be the same for every gamer. So you won’t easily get tired of watching several streamers play Little Hope.

  15. SOMA


    SOMA is from the well-known video game developer: Frictional Games. They have published another worthwhile horror game for people to play, endure, and survive. SOMA is a sci-fi horror game played in the first-person point of view.

    This game mixes survival and psychological horror so well. You will also solve puzzles along the way. And the best part is the game’s setting. You’ll be in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, specifically PATHOS-II. This is a research facility built underwater. How will you survive? What dangers will you face? You’ll have to find out yourself.


Horror streams are a great, engaging way to connect with your audience on Halloween and all year round.

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