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VRChat SDK – What You Need to Know

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Have you wondered how you can make your own VRChat avatars or worlds? While it will take some experience, this post will go over the necessary development kits you will need to use with Unity in order to create what you need to take your VRChat experience to the next level. 

What is VRChat SDK?

SDK stands for “Software Development Kits.” VRChat happens to have two of these kits that can be imported into the Unity Editor to enable people to create VRChat Avatars or the necessary elements to world building. If you want to upload content to VRChat, you will need one of these kits. 

How do I get VRChat SDK?

You can get VRChat SDK from the VRChat website itself. You will have to log in to get them. The two newest kits from VRChat are as follows:

  • VRCSDK3-Avatars
  • VRCSDK3-Worlds

There is an older version still available, SDK2, which must be used if changing elements on a world or avatar that was created on the older version. There is no way to “upgrade” to the new version with any specific character or place, nor can you downgrade. In order to have the same character in another version, you will need to recreate it in the desired version, importing the assets for accuracy.  


Avatars 3.0 comes with the framework you need to create all characters, both basic and advanced. It contains many features that allow you to create characters with great expressions, abilities, and performance value. The 3.0 version allows users to create better avatars without having to resort to “hacks” like they did in 2.0. 

This version is officially supported and integrated with the Action Menu, unlocking more ways to use your current in-game avatar. In fact, you should check out the menu before you start creating your avatar so that you have an idea of what you should include on your avatar to make it look the best it can. 

The program is not beginner-friendly. In order to use it, you should understand at least the basics of how to create and assemble characters to be used within a gaming system. You will need to understand layers and how they relate to others, transitions, behaviors, and animations. 


The 3.0 version of Worlds is similar to the Avatars version in that you cannot upgrade 2.0 worlds to work on them in the 3.0 version. You must, instead, upload your assets and create a new one. You should also have a base understanding on how to create worlds and areas for gaming as the platform isn’t user-friendly. 

How to Fix VRChat SDK

While there are several different troubleshooting issues with SDK, there are a few things that you can bear in mind that will typically allow you to avoid most errors. These include the following:

  • Unity Version – make sure you have launched the correct version of Unity for your project, otherwise you may not have access to some of the features or certain elements may not work. 
  • Restart Unity – while restarting the program won’t always work, it will occasionally reset a feature that you have accidently adjusted too much without realizing it. 
  • Correct SDK version – like Unity, you must be using the correct SDK version if you are updating something you have created in the past. 

What Version of Unity Do You Need for VRChat?

Currently, the Unity version you need to use for VRChat is Unity 2018.4.20. You can get this version (and support) for both Mac OS and Windows. 


Creating your own VRChat worlds and avatars can be difficult at first, but as you progress and get better, you may be able to earn a little income by designing worlds and avatars on Fiverr

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