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17 Ways to Title a Twitch Stream to Get More Viewers

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With millions of monthly broadcasters on Twitch alone, competition for viewers is fierce. A strong stream title will help you stand out amongst the crowd and potentially win the clicks of users who are browsing channels within a category.

While there is no good Twitch stream title generator currently available, it is always a good idea to create strong titles that will resonate with your community. This post will cover 17 different ideas on how you can increase your views with a strong title.

How to Make the Best Twitch Title

A good name for a live stream video will capture the attention of potential viewers who are browsing channels. The name should explain the content in a creative way and invite them to watch the broadcast and interact with the streamer’s community. 

Titles are also often sent to your subscribers when you begin to live-stream. A catchy title may entice them to stop what they are doing and tune in to your channel. It is important to remember that while titles can draw people in, it is your content that will determine whether or not they stay.

  1. 1. Create Funny Stream Titles

    If you think of a funny title, use it. People love to laugh and viewers will be attracted to your wittiness.

    Inspiration can be found in memes, dad-jokes, quotes by comedians, pop-culture, in-game humor, and from other streamers. Use titles as another way to show your personality.

    Examples of Funny Stream Titles

    The Opposite of a Speedrun
    Death = Restarting the Game
    Learn How Not to Play X Game
    Am I Good Enough At X Game to Quit My Day Job?

    eljayem titles

    Eljayem_ often uses puns as funny Twitch titles. He tries to create them from content within the game he is playing so that fans of the game will drop in and comment on the pun. At that point, he and his community interact with the new viewer, and they will often stick around for a while.

    The trick is to make sure that the pun or the joke is within the first 30-40 letters of the title so that it will be noticed.

  2. 2. Use Catchy Headlines with Game Specific Terms

    View your Twitch title like a headline. Visit your favorite streaming platform and browse titles and ask yourself the following: 

    • Which titles stand out to you most?
    • Which captures your attention?
    • Would that title entice you to enter the channel to see what’s going on?

    Many titles tend to blur together if they are too wordy and no descriptive information is given. Your goal should be to optimize your title space by capturing the full depth of your upcoming stream into just a few words. While this can be a tricky skill to master, the results are effective. 

    Although you may have space for your title, it might not all be visible unless someone views your stream. For example, Twitch allows contributors to use up to 120 characters for their title, but only 30-40 are viewable to casual browsers.

  3. 3. Use a Descriptive and Honest Title

    Your goal is to gain a solid following over time, so be honest when naming your stream. Don’t claim to be the best player in a game when you know that you are mediocre. If you are truthful in your descriptions and have a genuine personality, you will find your followers. 

    ortopilot title
    ortoPilot covered all three items on his stream’s agenda and defined OSMR.

    Be descriptive about your content. State what game activities or challenges you plan to feature in your stream. If you are a variety gamer, be sure to add the name of the categories you plan to steam throughout the session.

  4. 4. Create a Unique Title for Your Stream

    Too often, streamers don’t name their content. Don’t be one of those streamers. Titles help viewers find the content they want to view. Untitled content is often skipped over. On the same note, don’t title your show after your streamer name as this also doesn’t give potential viewers information about your content. 

    Make sure to also select the category of your stream. This is the most common way for new viewers to discover your content. Having untitled and uncategorized content is the best way to go unnoticed on Twitch for months.

  5. 5. Add Your Primary Language to the Title

    Adding your primary language to your title helps you attract viewers who can better understand your content. This step is especially helpful for non-English speakers. 

    Don’t worry that this might keep potential followers away. Viewers concerned about understanding your language won’t subscribe anyway. Instead, see this as an opportunity to invite a community that understands – or is interested in learning – what you communicate. Speaking in a unique language can actually be a good thing because it is an automatic niche. This understanding is especially important when your potential deals with sponsors.

  6. 6. Create Real-Life Challenges 

    Consider incorporating a real-life challenge into your stream. Promise to do something if a game event happens. Examples may include dancing if you win, jumping-jacks if you lose, or creating an on-the-spot haiku if you find loot. Be creative, don’t be afraid to be silly, and make it fun for your community. Invite your audience to participate in your current challenge and in brainstorming future challenges. 

    If you turn this into an ongoing activity, use one of the best chatbots to keep track of it. Your viewers can type in commands to keep a running tally of your challenges. 

  7. 7. Add Any Special Events in Your Stream

    If you plan a special event for your content, add it to your stream’s name. Events pique people’s interest and many will stop by for more information. This includes marathon creations such as 24-hour streams, content created for charity, your birthday (or other holidays) as well as unique or unusual content not generally shown on your channel.

  8. 7. Add Any Special Events in Your Stream

    If you plan a special event for your content, add it to your stream’s name. Events pique people’s interest and many will stop by for more information. This includes marathon creations such as 24-hour streams, content created for charity, your birthday (or other holidays) as well as unique or unusual content not generally shown on your channel.

  9. 8. Use Emotional Adjectives in the Title

    Another way to connect with viewers is by speaking in the emotional language. Use emotional adjectives such as “terrifying” or “exciting” in your descriptions if you believe it will build anticipation. Avoid using depressive adjectives. Keep things upbeat and happy.

  10. 9. Start a Conversation with Your Viewers

    Consider posing a question in your title with the intention of drawing viewers to your channel to answer the question or converse with you about the topic. Keep questions light and avoid religious or political questions… unless you are willing to take the heat. 

    The three-person band livi-in-the-middle posts a positive quote every time they go live. It has become a part of their brand and personality.

    Speaking of conversation, remember to keep talking on stream. In one of our polls, we asked what the number one error new streamers made. Not engaging with viewers was our answer. 

  11. 10. Shout Out Stream Collabs

    When you are collaborating with another streamer, include their name in the title. Encourage them to return the favor as collaborations often attract new viewers to both channels.  

    If you playing with followers, state that in your title. People enjoy being included and will be interested in watching your community’s antics.

  12. 11. Use Numbers to Attract Attention

    People are attracted to numbers. They tell a story and give viewers a sense of control or understanding concerning the content. People love knowing what they can expect.

    Make sure your numbers are relevant and descriptive of your content. Examples include the length of your stream (especially if you create multi-hour marathons), the number of times you plan to perform an action in a game, or the rank you have recently achieved or are attempting to achieve during the stream.

  13. 12. Don’t Add Subscriber or Follower Count Goals

    Avoid using your viewers or subscriber count, personal benchmarks, or other superfluous information in your stream’s title. Generally, this is seen as spam as it isn’t relevant to your content. Potential viewers may think you are more concerned about building a following than you are about creating solid content.

    Think about it. Books are not titled, “Three Weeks on the NY Times Best Seller List,” and TV shows aren’t named, “Only 10k Viewers Away from Being America’s Third Favorite Crime Show.” Craft your title to reach potential viewers, not post your personal stats.  

    The exception to this rule is when reaching significant milestones, and in those instances, remember to thank your viewers for their contributions toward those goals. 

    If you have space after your headlining description, be inviting with a simple “join us” but don’t resort to begging.

  14. 13. Consider Hosting a Giveaway 

    Here is an example of a good catchy title:

    albion online twitch title
    JonahVeil mentions the name of a new major update in the game Albion Online and promised a giveaway.

    Twitch giveaways are always an attention grabber, but you should handle advertising them with care. While this may bring people to your channel, your goal should be building a loyal following, not attracting clickbait. Use this tip sparingly, and when used, try to reward faithful viewers and new subscribers. 

  15. 14. Check Out Your Competition 

    Browse through the live content on Twitch or YouTube and see what others in your category are using for titles. Which titles stand out to you? Which would you consider watching? Would you prefer to watch a stream with a catchy title over one with more viewers? Keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas as you find them.

  16. 15. Use Tags to Help with Searches

    Utilize tags if your streaming platform offers them. Twitch allows you to choose from 230 available options. Tags will help streamline your content toward users who are more likely to view it.  Use them strategically and don’t use ones that do not relate to your content.

  17. 16. Be Inviting to Visitors

    Don’t underestimate a good call to action. While you shouldn’t beg for them to visit your stream, you can entice them to come into your channel. Use phrasing like, “Join me while I…” or “Help me count my kills.” Using a well-crafted invitation will show browsers that you are interested in interacting with them.

  18. 17. Use Emotes or Special Characters

    Use emotes or create text-emotes with letters and symbols. These add some cheer to your stream title and can give some information about your stream’s content in fewer spaces.

    sleepy panda
    aSleepyPanda used a unique emote for herself out of characters.


Feel free to mix and match ideas when crafting your stream. When doing ideation for your upcoming stream, write down 3-5 potential titles that you can tweak until you find something perfect. 

Have you stumbled across perfect titles in the past? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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Chris is a digital marketer with a strong background in small business and influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers. When he’s not busy crunching analytics, he can be found in the salt pits of League of Legends.

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