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Custom One-on-One Coaching

Many streamers find themselves stuck in a rut or struggling with the direction of their channels. Our team of marketers have helped dozens of streamers get over these humps to get back to sustainable growth.


New Streamers

If you had initial growth, but are stuggling with your long-term goals or how to keep your community returning stream after stream


Plateau Struggle

Plateaus are relatively normal in any industry. If your channel has come to a halt and you need a boost, we may be able to help


Sponsor Seekers

Looking to up your monetization? Have us look over your channel, VODs, and socials to see if you are sponsorship-ready

Our Coaching Services

Our industry-tested criteria will give you a report card scoring key areas of your channel:

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Channel Review

Our stream coaches will audit your current branding, theme, channel graphics, and alerts

We will look at your channel and make recommendations on how to make it visually appealing to both your target audience and future sponsors.

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Actionable Advice

Our experts review your channel to give your customized advice for future growth.

We will give you suggestions on how your content can improve overall, how you can generate more engagement with chatters, and give you tips to improve your video/audio quality.

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Content Plan

Our team will help you come up with a content plan for your next two streams.

We will give you customized tactics to help you engage with your community, generate hype, and keep your content entertaining. Use what works in future streams.

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Sponsorship Prep

Our experts will review your channel to ensure it is fit for sponsors.

We may also be able to help you narrow down your search to the sponsors that are the right fit for your brand.



One-Time Session

  • 30-minute call
  • Includes 30-minute review and prep before the meeting

$ Varies


  • Discounts available for multiple sessions will vary depending on the situation.
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