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How to Stream on Discord Mobile

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Being able to use Discord on mobile devices to share your screen to friends and other members of a voice call can be great when trying to show them some great gameplay or a really funny TikTok you found. Here are instructions on how to stream your phone screen to a discord voice call.

How to Screen Share on Discord from Your Phone 

  1. Step 1


    Join the call you want to share your screen to. This can be a server voice channel or a direct call to a friend/group of friends. You do not need to be in a video call to share your screen.

  2. Step 2


    Press the share screen button at the bottom of your screen. It doesn’t have a label but is represented by a phone with an arrow pointing out of it. 

  3. Step 3


    Accept the warning pop-up. There may then be a warning that pops up, asking if you want to start recording/casting with Discord. While sharing your phone screen on Discord, those watching can see your passwords, photos, etc. just as if you were sharing your PC screen – so make sure to stay safe.

  4. Step 4


    Exit Discord and swap to the app you want to share. Now you’re good to go! Those who join the call and tap on your name can watch your phone screen live the same as if you were at a computer. While your screen is being shared Discord will remind you in your notifications bar that you are doing so. When you want to stop streaming, open up discord and press the button in the center of the screen labeled “Stop sharing”

How to Go Live on Discord from Your Mobile Device 

If you want to be able to stream the game that you are currently playing to Discord you can do so using the steps above. There’s no difference in discord functionality between being live on a server and sharing your screen with a friend. 


Whatever you may be wanting to share from your phone and whomever you want to share it with, we hope this guide helped you in figuring out the steps you need to take and some things you need to be aware of while live from your phone.

About the Author


Emrys is a games development student and Twitch streamer from the UK. In his streams, he shares his love for video games and their craft. Outside of streaming, he loves gaming with his partner.

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