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How to Find Other Streamers to Play With on Twitch or YouTube

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Collaborations (or Collabs) are one of the best ways that you can grow your stream. While some new creators worry about sharing viewers or being “overshadowed” by another broadcaster, others see their competitors as potential allies.

These streamers are able to see the big picture by realizing that working with like-minded people can create much better content that will appeal to a wider audience. 

As gamers at heart, many of us are natural introverts. We understand the reluctance to put yourself out there in both streaming and working with others. The truth is, you have to interact with others in this industry to be successful. Regardless of whether you wish to monetize your streams, your goal is to grow your channel. Look at the process as your own profession. Strong networking is very important to the life of any business, including your channel. Set aside time each day specifically for networking. 

Where to find Stream Collabs for Twitch and YouTube

There are several places where you can find other broadcasters to collaborate with. Just remember the qualities you want in a potential collaborator and don’t settle for something that won’t work for you.

Here are a few places where you can begin your search:

  1. 1. Join Popular Discord Channels

    If you don’t already have a Discord account, get one. Not only will it allow you to easily communicate with other streamers, but you can also build a hub for your community.

    Disccord panel
    Join our Discord server to find Twitch collabs!

    Join servers built for streamers or the communities of broadcasters you want to work with. Don’t self-promote. Build your relationship with people on the site by genuinely helping others. See it as practice for future talks with sponsors. Actively look for people you enjoy being around, then respectfully approach them then.

    Here are four Discord channels where people can seek out collaborations. This list isn’t exhaustive, so don’t give up if you can’t find someone right away. 

    • The StreamScheme Discord server has thousands of streamers who are actively looking for ways to grow their stream. We have a channel specifically designed to encourage people to find collaborations.
    • The Gaming Careers server is hosted by the YouTube channel of the same name. It has multiple channels, hundreds of streamers who work together and answer questions, and an active community.
    • The Twitch Subreddit also has a Discord server. There are many channels including a “Looking for Group” one for those who wish to collaborate.
    • The Bait Squad server has channels that help you find graphic designers, editors, and advice. You are allowed to promote yourself periodically (read their rules to stay within the guidelines). They also have a channel set aside for collaborations.
  2. 2. Network in Facebook Gaming Groups

    In addition to Discord, Facebook is a great place to connect with other streamers or to ask relevant questions that can help you grow. Just remember that if your message anyone, your note may go unnoticed for a while until they check their “Message Requests” folder. You can politely let them know that you have messaged them in the status where you encountered each other.

    Facebook is also a great place where you can watch how people interact with one another before you approach them for collaborations. Treat everyone with respect and how you would like to be treated. They will be watching you as much as you are watching them. 

    Here are a few Facebook groups to get you started:

    • The Twitch.TV Streamers Community is a very active community that allows you to network and promote your streams. It is important that you read and abide by their rules.
    • The Twitch.TV Streamers group is one of the larger Facebook groups dedicated to streamers. It is always filled with new questions, memes, and other ways you can interact with the Twitch Community.
    • The Promote Twitch, YouTube, FB Gaming group was created for streamers of all four platforms. This allows you to find out about the cultures on other platforms. 
  3. 3. Browse Channels within Your Category

    Look at other channels within your own category or a similar one. Interact with them and their community. Don’t try to promote yourself. If you like them, visit a few more times to work out how you think the two of you would get along. Reach out to them on their social media. Explain how you think you can help out their channel and why you want to work with them.  

    Be respectful and sincere and listen to their feedback. Their priority is to their channel and to their community first. If they don’t agree that you would work well together, thank them for your time and be understanding. Things may change and they might want to work with you in the future. You reacting poorly to their feedback would burn a potential bridge. 

  4. 4. Friends/Other Streamers in Your Game

    Don’t forget to network among your gaming friends. Some may stream or be interested in starting. Others may know someone who may be interested in a collaboration. These personal contacts can go a long way to create trust. 

    Additionally, if you play in an MMO, you might be able to find other streamers in your natural networking within the game. Reach out to them to see if there are ways you can work together. 

Who Should You Collab with on Twitch?

Look for people who you find funny or interesting. A large part of what makes collaborations work is the interaction between the streamers. Look for the following traits in your potential collab:

  • Someone who you connect well with. Viewers will be attracted to good conversation and might be more likely to interact with your (or your collaborator’s) community.
  • People who work well with your style. As you plan your streams, it is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and vice versa.
  • People who have certain strengths that you lack is also very useful in creating better content. Look for unique ways to collaborate with each other and try to establish a niche. 
  • Streamers who are serious about growing their channels as well as helping others. 

See your fellow streamers as allies or partners. Honestly try to help them grow their own brands. Give more than you take. Try to help them in any way that you are able, but don’t let them take full advantage of you either. 

merida shoots an arrow

Find Good Twitch and YouTube Collaborations 

A good collaboration is one where both streamers are looking out for the interests of both channels. They respect each other and the rules of each other’s channels. They don’t try to “steal” each other’s viewers. Instead, they host each other’s channels when they are offline or raid them at the end of their streams. 

Collaborators with good chemistry create good content. They act professionally when planning future broadcasts and don’t expect others to do the work for them. The key to finding good collaborations is to be someone that people want to work with. It should be a two-way street where both people strive to help build the relationship. Try to create small teams so that you have several friends who wish to grow together. 

To alleviate any fears that one streamer will “get all the views,” let your viewers know that they can watch both/all the streams simultaneously. This can be done on Twitch through Squad Streaming or you can direct them to a link of a third-party multi-stream service.

Choosing the Right Twitch or YouTube Collabs?

Seek out people who have a similar concurrent viewer count as yourself. While some top streamers may collaborate with smaller creators, it is generally a waste of time to focus your attention on them. At best, your requests may go ignored. You can reach out to streamers with larger following than yourself.

We recommend going no higher than a concurrent viewer count of 50% more than your own count. If you have 30 viewers, seek out those with 45 or fewer. That being said, if you know your content is stellar and you truly believe that you and another streamer would work well together, reach out to them with a solid proposal. 

Don’t be afraid to work with broadcasters who have fewer viewers than yourself. It is more important that you collaborate with people who are entertaining and have personalities that mesh with yours. If you are fun to watch together, then your audience will stay with you. Always stream with people that you enjoy being around, not because you think you can “get ahead” by using them.

In Conclusion

Solid collaborations can lead to strong friendships. Remember to be the collaborator you would want to attract. Strive to help others and others will want to work with you in return. Never stop seeking out valuable contacts.

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Chris is a digital marketer with a strong background in small business and influencer branding. He applies his knowledge of content and promotional strategies to design actionable advice for new and intermediate streamers. When he’s not busy crunching analytics, he can be found in the salt pits of League of Legends.

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